Steve Chase Merchandise 

The Steve Chase Christmas Stick

 featuring 3 Christmas Albums A Merry Christmas, Holy Joly Christmas and Steves own Christmas Album with 10 Original Steve Chase Christmas Songs Sweet Christmas Time includes videos   

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Introducing the Steve Chase USB Stick 

Get your Steve Chase Music now on a handy USB stick play your music in your car PC Laptop Smart TV and more 

This USB Stick contains 62 Audio Files from Four Steve Chase CDs The Originals, I Still Believe, The Covers Album and The Classics Neil le Diamond

plus bonus New  tracks Lets Go Camping, She's Up In Boston and Suzzie

Not only that there are also 28Videos of Steve’s Songs including a live show from the Delmont Scarborough 

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CD’s ONLY£5.00 *** The Brand New Steve Chase CD " I Still Believe" 

All Steve Chase Original Tracks Include 

  • The Sweet Return
  • Those Summer Nights
  • Come Sit With Me
  • The Alamo
  • Cafe Chez Marie
  • Two Wheels Rollin'
  • 1963
  • Don't Tell Me
  • I Still Believe
  • Too Hot to Handle
  • The La La Song 
  • We Haven't Come This Far To Give Up Now 

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The Originals Album 

During the Corona Virus Outbreak of 2020 I along with all my music colleagues suddenly found ourselves completely out of work. An ideal time I thought to get down to recording some original Steve Chase Songs 

Containing 11 self-penned songs and 2 covers from Andy White and Steve Hanks

Some of these have been around for many years but never recorded to my satisfaction so along with some new material I set about producing and recording this album you have here It has been a very frustrating time but an enjoyable journey having time to work on my writing, recording and music production skills.I also have had the chance to learn and enter a new venture of Music Video production.

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See videos at

The Covers Album

Featuring 20 cover songs from my current Play list 

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Neil le Diamond the Classics

Here are some beautiful Neil Diamond Songs recorded with Orchestral backing 

performed by my Tribute act Neil le Diamond (Steve Chase)

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Steve Hamlin - Chase