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As a singer-songwriter it's hard to get your music out to the general public.

Most venues don't mind one or two self-penned tracks within your performance but generally speaking, that's the only chance you get to get your music out there.

Yes there is Spotify, Sound Cloud ,You Tube and other online services that I subscribe and submit my music to but many still miss out on the chance of listening to my work.

I also want to grow my "Fan" I say fan but mean Friends Base by delivering up to date info, news and special offers and bring you into my world

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All Steve Chase Original Tracks Include 

  • The Sweet Return
  • Those Summer Nights
  • Come Sit With Me
  • The Alamo
  • Cafe Chez Marie
  • Two Wheels Rollin'
  • 1963
  • Don't Tell Me
  • I Still Believe
  • Too Hot to Handle
  • The La La Song 
  • We Haven't Come This Far To Give Up Now 

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The Originals Album 

During the Corona Virus Outbreak of 2020 I along with all my music colleagues suddenly found ourself completely out of work.An ideal time I thought to get down to recording some original Steve Chase Songs 

Containing 11 self penned songs and 2 covers from Andy White and Steve Hanks

Some of these have been around for many years but never recorded to my satisfaction so along with some new material I set about  producing and recording this album you have here It has been a very frustrating time but an enjoyable journey having time to work on my writing, recording and music production skills.I also have had the chance to learn and enter a new venture of Music Video production. See videos at

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An Invitation by Request featuring some of Steve’s most requested songs 

  1. Back in love by monday
  2. A Lot Of Things Different
  3. Riding with private Malone
  4. Keeper of the stars
  5. Under the sun
  6. Speed and sound of lonliness
  7. A single red rose
  8. Amarillo by morning 
  9. I thought you knew
  10. All the way with you
  11. Silver wings
  12. The Dance
  13. The American Trilogy
  14. Your Song
  15. Thank you for the memory 

Welcome to my world

  1.  Welcome to my world
  2. Gypsy woman
  3. Crystal Chandeliers
  4. Streets of London
  5. Lucille
  6. Is anybody going to San Antone
  7. Fields of Athenrye
  8. Rhinestone cowboy
  9. Little old eine drinker me 
  10. Halfway to paradise
  11. Witch Lineman
  12. Penny Arcade
  13. Everley Bros Medley 
  14. Sweet Caroline 

Mature Country

  1. Lonesome Fugitive
  2. Nothing I Can Do About It Now
  3. Cold Hard Truth
  4. Yard Sale
  5. Would These Arms Be In Your Way
  6. Diggin’ Up Bones
  7. I Don’t Need A Thing At All
  8. Sing Me Back Home 
  9. Is It Still Over
  10. I’m Just A County Boy
  11. Things Aren’t Funny Anymore
  12. Angels 

Merl a tribute album to Merl Haggard

  1. Mama Tried
  2. Misery and gin
  3. The running kind
  4. That's the way love goes
  5. Okie from Muskogee 
  6. Mamas hungry eyes 
  7. Swinging doors 
  8. Things aren’t funny anymore 
  9. Fighting side of me
  10. It's all in the movies
  11. Daddy Frank
  12. Looking for a place to fall apart 
  13. Working man blues 

Rambin Rose

  1. Rambln’ fever
  2. Storms of life
  3. Sunday morning coming down 
  4. Grandmas feather bed 
  5. Nothing sure looked good on you 
  6. Maria
  7. Fourteen carat mind 
  8. Chiseled in stone 
  9. Rambling rose
  10. Walk through this world with me 
  11. That just about Does it
  12. Job Description 

Smoky Mountain Rain 

  1. Someday soon
  2. Old Soldiers 
  3. Miles and miles of Texas
  4. Sometimes when we touch
  5. Too cold at home 
  6. Smoky Mountain Rain
  7. First Fool in line 
  8. What colour is the wind 
  9. Can’t help falling in love 
  10. When goodbyes make you cry
  11. Some memories just won't die 
  12. Cowboys and clowns 
Steve Hamlin - Chase